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Tufftheme ... so far.

A place to talk about anything related to Tuffclassified theme in general. This is not the place to ask support questions.
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Tufftheme ... so far.

Post by gnoe » Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:30 am

I'm using this great theme for a long time.
In the meanwhile, I saw other themes coming out.
2-3 of them were great to the eye, user friendly, clean design, bootstrap etc and I bought them.

But I don't use them and still using tufftheme even if it's design is older and Navjot was the first to implement Bootstrap to his theme.

Why I'm still using it?
Because I haven't found another theme to be so solid and perfectly coded.
It's obvious to me as a veteran coder that Navjot is a great and dedicated programmer.

Osclass is keep improving, so my suggestions for the future are the following.

- Use to futher promote the theme.
- Build 2-3 other designs(or hire a designer) for the frontend using the same core and sell them too, as other developers do with not so great themes like yours but better looking.
- Be happy and keep coding. :) :)

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Re: Tufftheme ... so far.

Post by tuffadmin » Thu Apr 09, 2015 4:40 pm

Thanks Gnoe !!! Thats really inspiring.
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