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Post by varley16 »

Hello all, I'm currently making a website, and would like your feedback, if you know how to change some of the features that ive listed below then please let me know, thanks.

changes i want to make.
1. remove categories from home page. DONE.
2. latest items - ad title bigger, location and text smaller.
3. search page - im using car attributes for the makes and models, but custom attributes for fuel, colour etc, but on the search page i would like to be able to search for these items, so if someone wants to search colour red, fuel type petrol, then it will search them, at the moment u press the apply button and nothing happens.
4. Space out the menu bar, affiliate ads, and latest ads heading.

ill add to the list as im testing, thanks
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Re: www.admymotor.co.uk

Post by slumdog10 »

Hi, I have just installed this theme too and i am using google chrome. i then right click on page and choose 'Inspect Elements' this is helping me to see where in the themes code need to change.

you should be able to find the sizes in the css file. you can change it in chrome first to see how you want it, then make changes permenant in the correct file.
hope this helped a little.
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